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Qualified Transportation Expense Plan

Kelly Services, Inc. and Its Subsidiaries Temporary Employee Commuter Benefit Plan

  • This plan allows you to set aside money through pre-tax deductions from your paycheck to pay for qualified workplace mass transit and parking expenses.

  • You are able to set aside up to the Internal Revenue Service section 132 benefit maximum per month for Parking and Mass Transit.

  • Deductions will be taken from your first 4 paychecks of the month.

  • You are able to enroll or make changes to your election at any time. Elections made by the 24th of the month will take effect the following calendar month.

  • If you become ineligible (including termination of employment or end of assignment) to participate in the Plan, Account balances will be available via the eTRAC card through the end of the month following the last month of eligibility.
  • Funds remaining in the accounts at the end of the month following the last month of eligibility will be transferred to a new commuter plan administered by Benefit Resource. A letter with details about the plan will be sent to your home. You will also receive a new Beniversal Card loaded with the remaining funds, any fees required to administer you new account will be withdrawn from your account balance.

This is only a brief description of the plan. Please refer to the Plan Specifications and SPD documents found on your home page at www.benefitresource.com.

Follow the steps below to access and enroll in the Commuter Benefit

Go to www.benefitresource.com

Enter Company Code: kellyservices

Enter your Member ID: ALT ID, found on your Earnings Statement near your Social Security number.

Enter your Password: Your home ZIP code; you will be prompted to change your password after your initial login.