Kelly's ACA Plan

Kelly’s ACA Plan

A Kelly-sponsored group health care plan called the ACA Plan is offered to all eligible Kelly employees. The ACA Plan meets the minimum essential coverage, minimum value, and affordability requirements of the Affordable Care Act. 

Kelly employees eligible to enroll in Kelly’s ACA Plan will have, as a second option, Kelly’s Preventive Care Only (PCO) Plan.  

Kelly will determine your eligibility for the ACA Plan based on the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Refer to the Affordable Care Act Eligibility document for more details. 

  • When a Kelly employee becomes eligible, a personalized communication will be mailed to the payroll address on file at Kelly. This communication will contain important information such as payroll deduction cost, how to enroll, the enrollment deadline, where to obtain more information, and who to contact with questions. 
  • Eligible employees are not required to enroll in the ACA Plan or Preventive Care Only (PCO) Plan. 
  • Non-Kelly health care plans that also satisfy the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate are available for direct purchase at

For additional plan details, refer to or contact Kelly’s Benefits department at 800-376-4964 or

Note: You may also qualify for other Kelly-sponsored benefits. Contact Kelly’s Benefits department for more information. 

Affordable Care Act FAQs