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What is Expected of You

It is important to note that Kelly is your employer, not the customer to whom you’re assigned.

Kelly will provide you with the details of any assignment you accept. If the customer changes those responsibilities, notify your Kelly Representative. Your Kelly Representative will also tell you the appropriate attire for your assignment. We expect you to be the best. This means exhibiting the following attributes:

  • Responsibility—Once you accept an assignment, we expect you to fulfill your obligation. Please give us advance notice if you are unable to do so. You are responsible for personal items taken to the workplace.

  • Dependability—Honor your commitment to be at work on time every day, and to finish the tasks assigned to you.

  • Efficiency—Verify the accuracy of your work. Regularly inform the customer of the status of your work.

  • Professionalism—Keep your work area neat and organized. Do not use the customer’s equipment and supplies for personal use, and do not take any items that belong to the customer (e.g., notes, calculators, office supplies).

  • Personal Communication—Keep personal phone calls (including cell phone calls) to a minimum. Refrain from exchanging personal e-mail and instant/text messages at work. Time recording—report all actual hours worked—no more and no less—for each day worked.

  • Discretion—Do not disclose any proprietary or confidential information of any Kelly customer. Protect the customer’s confidential information and materials by maintaining and storing them properly. Also, pay rates are confidential and should never be discussed with the customer.