Submitting Your Time


Submitting Your Time

Time Recording Policy and Meal and Rest State-Specific Laws

Kelly employees must record all actual hours worked, no more and no less. This may include recording and reporting time for activities such as logging on to a customer’s system, putting on/taking off protective gear, etc. When submitting your total hours worked to Kelly, be sure to include daily in and out times, along with meal in/out times (where available) and also submit your time to Kelly within the time requirements. If instructed not to record or report all actual hours worked, for any reason, you must immediately notify the Employee Service Center at 866.KELLY.4U (866.535.5948).

Some states have strict laws regarding taking meal and rest periods. If your meal or rest period is interrupted or missed and you are unable to record and report all actual hours worked, you must immediately notify the Employee Service Center at 866.KELLY.4U (866.535.5948). Refer to States with Meal or Meal/Rest Requirements chart to understand your rights.


  • Employees working in California who are prevented from taking a meal and/or rest period must complete the Notice of Involuntarily Missed Meal And/Or Rest Periods – English and Spanish forms.
  • Employees working in Washington may voluntarily waive their right to meal periods by signing the First Meal Period Waiver and Second Meal Period Waiver forms.

Kelly customers may use a variety of timekeeping systems (e.g., paper time cards, card swipe systems, web-based systems). Please follow the instructions for submitting your time as explained by your Kelly Representative. Ensuring that your time is approved by the customer is your responsibility.

Common timekeeping methods you may use are:

Kelly Web Time

Kelly Web Time is an online timekeeping system that allows you to enter your timesheets through the Internet. The system is fast and easy to use. To log on to Kelly Web Time, click here (Kelly Educational Staffing employees click here).

Electronically Available Paper-Based Time Card – This is an electronic copy of Kelly’s paper-based time card. If you need to use this document, please ensure that both you and the customer have “wet signed” the printed copy before you return it to your Kelly Representative.


  • Daily time should be entered to the minute. When calculating total time for each day worked, make sure to round to the nearest 15 minutes. If between 1-7 minutes (e.g., 8:01, 8:02, etc), round down (e.g., to 8:00). If between 8-14 minutes (e.g., 8:08, 8:09, etc), round up (e.g., to 8:15).

  • *Daily Totals should be converted to decimals. Convert quarter hours to decimals as follows (e.g., 8 hours and 15 minutes would be entered as, 8.25):
    15 minutes = .25
    30 minutes = .50
    45 minutes = .75
  • Ensure you correctly sum all Daily Totals and enter that amount in the Total Time and Total Time Summary boxes.
  • An incomplete or illegible time card may result in a delay in processing your pay.