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Pay Options

Kelly offers two pay options: Direct Deposit or the Money Network Service®. Where required by law, other options are available.

Direct Deposit

With direct deposit, your pay is deposited directly into your checking or savings account.To later make changes to your enrollment (e.g., update your account information), visit myDetails or contact your Kelly Representative.

If you have questions about your Federal, State, and/or Local withholdings, contact your Kelly Representative. (You can view your current withholdings by logging in to myDetails.) To change your withholding(s), complete a new withholding form and provide it to your Kelly Representative. 

Direct Deposit of Expenses

For temporary employees who are traveling and submitting expense reports with direct charges, direct deposit of submitted expenses is also available through Accounts Payable. The Authorization for Direct Deposit of Expenses form must be completed and submitted via e-mail to Accounts Payable, along with a voided personal check or other account verification. (If this information in not included, your enrollment in the Direct Deposit of Expenses may be delayed.) The e-mail address is located on the form.


Wisely Pay

With Wisely Pay, your funds are disbursed and accessed via either the Wisely Pay Card or Wisely Check. To learn more about the offering, refer to these tools:

Kelly ePaystub (Electronic Paystub)

With Kelly ePaystub, your wage statement is posted electronically to a secure Internet site, rather than mailed to your home. Learn more

In some locations, you will be automatically enrolled in ePaystub, once your direct deposit or Money Network Service enrollment is complete. In other locations, you may choose to enroll in ePaystub. To learn whether you will be auto-enrolled in ePaystub, speak with your Kelly Representative.

Kelly eW-2 (Electronic W-2)

Kelly eW-2 offers you secure, online delivery of your W-2 earnings statements. Sign up for eW-2 (electronic W-2), and you will be able to view, print, and download your W-2 forms from anywhere with Internet access. Learn more


Paystubs and W-2 Forms – An Explanation

Learn more about what information is included on your paystub and W-2.  Make sure to review your paystub periodically for accuracy.  If your residence address changes or you move work locations, be sure to notify your Kelly representative. Any questions, please contact the Employee Field Service Center at 1-866-KELLY4U.

Paystubs and W-2 Forms – An Explanation