Course Enrollment and Transcript

Course or Book Enrollment and Transcript

Choose a Course or Book

  • Search by keyword using the Search Content field, which is always in the upper right of the screen. Click the magnifying glass to display courses/books with the keyword(s) in the title.
  • Browse by subject using the Library button on the home page.

Enroll in a Course or Book

  1. Click the title of the course or book to view a complete description, duration, objectives, job aids, and more.
  2. Click Launch to start the course.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Launch button to Save the course or book, and add the course to your Learning Plan (see below) to Launch later.

Use Your Learning Transcript and/or Learning Plan

Learning Transcript

Learning Plan

The Learning Transcript tracks all your courses, books, and progress:

  1. Click the Learning Transcript link.
  2. Find the course or book you are interested in, and click on the Actions drop-down. Click Launch.

The Learning Plan allows you to manage and organize the way in which you would like to do your training – it also allows you to set goals, due dates, and reminders:

  1. When you identify the course or book you are interested in, click the Launch drop-down arrow, click Save, and configure the settings to meet your Learning Plan needs.
  2. View/modify your Learning Plan by clicking the link in the top left of the home page.

Tip: Use the Recently Viewed section of the home page for quick access to your most recent courses and books.


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