• Working with Kelly

    Below are links that contain information you need to know when working with Kelly and managing your career.

    • Working With Your Kelly Representative: You are expected to maintain communication with your Kelly Representative when the following situations occur...Read More

    • What is Expected of You: It is important to note that Kelly is your employer, not the customer to whom you’re assigned. Kelly will provide you with the details of any assignment you accept. If the customer changes those responsibilities, notify your Kelly Representative. Your Kelly Representative will also tell you the appropriate attire for your assignment. We expect you to be the best. This means exhibiting the following attributes...Read More

    July Career Tips

    Starting a new job? Tips for entry-level employees to make the most of their first week

    With the academic year over, hundreds of thousands of high school and college students have said goodbye to their school books and are entering the workforce. If you’re among this group of new professionals, you’ll want to make a good impression and an even better start. Here are our top tips for making the most of the first week in your new job. Prepare properly...Read More

    Read more career tips here!

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