• It's National Ice Cream Month!

    Established in 1984 by President (and ice cream lover) Ronald Reagan to celebrate the popularity of the tasty dessert. National Ice Cream Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of July as well.

    Help your team members get along with each other

    As the leader of a team, you need everyone to feel comfortable with each other in order for the team to perform at its best. Here’s how to help team members mesh:  

    Include everybody. Some workers never participate in parties, team luncheons, or other group functions because they feel unwanted, or don’t think anyone will notice their absence. Make sure to invite every team member to attend all your activities.

    Don’t gossip. Refuse to take part in criticizing team members behind their backs. Since you can never tell where your words may go, be sure that nothing you say about your people shows them any disrespect.

    Speak out. Groups sometimes ignore people because leaving them out is easier than confronting them on an issue. If a person is doing something to alienate the team, take a direct approach: “The way you talk to yourself when you work makes it difficult for me to concentrate,” for example. Help team members find alternative behaviors, and be sure to thank them for making an effort to change. Also, listen to suggestions from others about changes you might need to make.

    Recognize contributions, not personalities. Be sure you’re recognizing team members for their work, not for how much fun they are to work with.  

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